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     Change.  The word “change” is often met with conflicting feelings.  For some, change may conjure that uncomfortable feeling of dread, yet for others, change is seen as exciting and invigorating.  Regardless, I believe we can all agree that the one constant in life is change.  Michele Oken, President of NACM, asks a simple question that I too want the GCCA to consider as we change or transition into 2015.  That is, what do we as GCCA want to look like as we move into the future?  Who is our target audience?  What message do we want to send?  What goals do we want to achieve?   I ask because if we are not changing then we are stagnant.


     We are servants of the citizens in our respective communities.  We pride ourselves in serving others in a professional and honorable manner.  In this same spirit, your executive committee is a servant of you, our members.  It is the committees’ obligation to ensure that you our members are equipped with the tools necessary to be successful in serving as change agents within your respective organizations. 


   In order to accomplish this task we as a council want to recognize and embrace the efforts of our past leadership and build upon the foundation that has been laid.  Quality education centered on the Core Competencies, supported by Michigan State and their Judicial Administration Program and of course the ever important networking that we all find so useful.  To this end it is my desire that we continue these fine traditions while focusing on the following:

  • Forming a partnership with ICM (Institute for Court Management) to bring new and exciting certifications to the GCCA.
  • Taking a “rubber meets the road” approach to our education tracks.  Specifically, the training provided is top notch, but often the “big picture” approach adopted by NACM and ICM may not have practical value to us in Georgia.  It is my desire that we be able to provide our members with better handlebars that you can use to steer your respective courts and use them to make change.
  • Make the GCCA visible and known.  We are excited to have a top notch publications committee that has embraced the challenge of providing you as members with better newsletters and we look forward to launching a more attractive website.
  • Ownership.  We want to recruit and get more members involved in taking an active leadership role within your organization.  Your input and involvement matter!     

    Your executive committee is here for you!  It is our pleasure to continue the standard of excellence that has been set while focusing on the future. 

   It is my honor and privilege to be associated with such an amazing group of people who want nothing more than to see the profession of court administration advance and prosper.     

    Join us in what promises to be an exciting 2015!

                                                                    Brad Butler, President


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