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Yolanda L. Lewis

2016 President


Fellow Court Leaders of Georgia,

For more than 20 years, the Georgia Council of Court Administrators (GCCA) has spearheaded the charge to improve the operation of the courts in Georgia through the education, training and development of court professionals statewide. From the beginning of our organization until now, GCCA has prepared hundreds of leaders to assist jurists in meeting the ever-changing dynamics of our courts with an eye toward improving the administration of justice.  For these reasons and so many more, I am honored to serve as the 2016 - 2017 President of GCCA.  

We are a thriving, professional organization with members who continue to make an undeniable impact on the professional landscape of court management in Georgia. We are fortunate to have a roster of committed members and an excellent Executive Board that is invested and forward thinking.  I applaud all of our members who have answered the call to serve, in record numbers, by joining our committees and getting involved. With sound committee leadership and strong member participation, GCCA is poised to continue its work as a trusted educational resource for court professionals who are tasked with the vital role of advancing the administration of justice.

My goals as President are anchored in the philosophy set forth by our mission and vision; that public trust and confidence is vital, that education and professional development is essential for court leaders, and that the ability to leverage the institutional knowledge and innovative ideas of our membership is critical to keep GCCA active and vibrant and our courts operating effectively.  During my term, I will focus on 1) continuing to expand the educational programs that we offer through our partnerships with MSU, and ICM to include conducting a regional meeting/training; 2) celebrating  GCCA’s accomplishments and servant leaders over the last 20 years; 3) instituting a more robust onboarding process for new members, including those engaged in board service; 4)providing conference educational programs that focus on improving public trust and confidence in courts; and finally, 5) improving membership engagement through enhanced committee service.

Your involvement this year is imperative! I hope that you will consider joining a committeebecoming a mentorenrolling in one of our certification programs, or attending our annual conferences.   Thank you for your continued investment in GCCA and what you do for our courts each day!

Yours in service, 

Yolanda L. Lewis


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