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Georgia Council
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Established 1997

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GCCA - Certificate of Court Administration

Initiated in 2005 by the Georgia Council of Court Administrators (GCCA), the Certificate Program was established to assist members to enhance their training and education in judicial administration. Two levels of certification are available - a general Certificate of Court Administration and the Master Certificate of Court Administration.  The program provides guidance in obtaining a comprehensive educational program and assisting members in receiving recognition for their knowledge and achievement. The curriculum, based on the National Association for Court Management's core competencies, was originally developed by Frank Broccolina through a grant provided by the State Justice Institute.

GCCA Educational Programs Overview

Institute for Court Management - Certified Court Manager

GCCA has partnered with Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts and the National Center for State Courts' Institute for Court Management to bring the Certified Court Manager program to Georgia.  GCCA members can earn the CCM certificate by attending our bi-annual conferences. For more information on ICM, please visit the link below.

Institute for Court Management Certification Programs

Check Status of Certification

Please see below for a searchable listing of current GCCA members and the status of any certifications that they may have.  To verify or correct any missing information, please contact

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